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Valentine’s Day is coming soon and if you are anything like me, you try to purchase gifts that have meaning and are homemade from the heart.  I have created my own Edible Arrangement (trust me, don’t try this), I have made a brownie in the shape of a heart (put it in the freezer after you take it out of the oven for five minutes so it’s cold enough it doesn’t crumble).  Every year I seem to try to make a Valentine’s Day DIY and it epically fails.  NOT THIS YEAR! This year I have created a DIY Valentine’s Vase that looks great! Follow along and I will show you how!


  1. Bloom from Within cut file or decal
  2. A thrift store vase.  Extra points for buying a cool color!

Thrift Store Vases make the best DIY Valentine's Gift. Check out how to make it look awesome!


  • First, when purchasing anything from a thrift store it is usually smudged and not pretty.  CLEAN IT!! When you put the decal on, you will not want to have to wash it.  It’s easier if this step is completed before the decal is applied.  Besides no one wants a DIY Valentine’s Vase that has someone else’s fingerprints all over it.


  • Next, either cut your decal or find where you placed the one you purchased.

Bloom From Within, Cut File or Physical Decal

  • Then, apply the decal to the vase.  If you need directions on this you can find that here.
DIY Valentine's Day Gift. Make a special gift for your special someone

Please ignore the fact that I don’t follow my own directions and clean it before taking a picture

Final Thoughts:

See how easy that was?  Your finished product will look like something out of a catalog and you know how special your special someone will feel when you tell them that you made it yourself?  There might be tears.  Arm yourself.  And hopefully they are the good tears not the “this is ugly” tears.  No one wants those tears on Valentine’s Day.

Put flowers inside or fill it with items your significant other likes (which is what I plan on doing).  I want to put candy and other delicious things inside with cards attached to skewers on mine.  When I finish that process I will show you a picture.

Hope you enjoy Valentine’s Day and

Happy Thrifting!