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Do you want to know a secret?  I’m a terrible person and did not plan ahead for Father’s Day.  But I did give my dad an awesome DIY Father’s Day Gift.  He will never know I did this last minute unless he reads this (Dad – if you are reading this I promise it’s a lie, I spent months on this).

Follow along as I make a personalized gift (last minute) for my Father.  Cut File is attached, you just need to change the name!


  1. Find a cool cup at the local Thrift Store.  You need to make sure that there is no marks or broken pieces.  Triple check.  I also really wish I followed my own advice better and I might not have come home with so many scratched or broken mugs.
  2. Cut File or Decal


  1. Either use the cut file to measure out your cup and allow your Silhouette or Cameo to create an awesome decal OR purchase the decal from and we can put in the name of your Father and ship it to you.
  2. Clean the mug well and let it dry.
  3. When you are ready to apply the decal, lay it in your lap with your legs together. I tried a few different ways to do this but laying it in your lap seems to work best.
  4. Cut the decal so that the middle is still intact but the outside has slits to allow for the curvature of the mug.
  5. Start from the middle of the cup and push outwards.   I started with “Best” and made sure that was firm, then moved to “Dad Ever”, then the barbed wire.  You can start from the bottom up but I figured with how the cup was shaped I had a better chance of making it look neat starting top to bottom.
  6. Gifts You Can Find at a Thrift Store
  7. Apply the decal to the back using the same technique.  I would cut the name and barbed wire circle separate and apply separate to help with the curving of the cup.  If you purchase the decal from me, it will come in two different pieces for this reason.

Cost of Material:$3- $6

  • Vinyl Decal (if purchased): $5
  • Cut File (if purchased): $2
  • Mug from Thrift Store: $1

Final Thoughts:

You now have a personalized gift to give to your father that will cost you under $6.  Tell him you made it and watch him cry (which my dad got really close to doing).  This gift will mean more to him than any other gift you give him – trust me.

Happy Thrifting!

P.S. this post contains affiliate links.  This does not increase the price for you, but I will make a commission off the price if you choose to buy.  I do not recommend something if I personally have not used it.