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Welcome to Thrifted Homestead! If this is your first time, feel free to check out our other awesome DIY projects! Create the perfect gift with items left behind! Cubs World Series DIY Frame is a great gift which brings me to the next point. Just a disclaimer before we start – you may NOT sell this. The Cubs logo is licensed property of MLB and as such, is not for sale. You may gift this item but once you sell it, you are violating copyright law.


Now that the non-fun items are taken care of….


Create a Winning World Series Sign, that will make the perfect gift!


I am currently married to a die-hard White Sox fan. There, I said it. He was actually a little annoyed when I told him I wanted to make these awesome frames for Christmas gifts. But I made them anyways and everyone LOVED the personalized gift to commemorate a milestone in their teams history. You cannot go wrong with such a personalized gift.


  1. Cut File (or you can make it yourself)
  2. Document Frame from Wal-Mart (I’m not an affiliate with Wal-Mart, I just liked this frame the best)
  3. 5 x 11” blank computer paper
  4. Blue pen
  5. Blue Vinyl and red vinyl. I wanted darker colors since the logo is not bright.


How To:

  • When getting started, you can get your cut file going since you will have to cut the blue bear and then you will need to cut the red “C”. This will take about ten minutes.

  • As a side note, when I purchased the document frames from Amazon, they were TERRIBLE and expensive! I tried to return them. However, the company would not let me. So here is my warning to you – DO NOT BUY THE DOCUMENT FRAMES FROM AMAZON. Go to Wal-Mart. I purchased a document frame from there for less than $3.

Amazon Cheap Frame

  • On the white computer paper, draw blue lines every inch. Then go back to the beginning and draw blue lines every half-inch, then every quarter. Soon, you will have blue pinstripes on the white paper like what is pictured down below.

Cubs World Series DIY Frame

  • Take the Document Frame and remove the inside fillers. Put the white, blue lined computer paper inside. This is another example of something I created, but it was the best picture to show you the separate pieces.

Cubs World Series DIY Frame

Cubs World Series DIY Frame

  • Weed both the bear and the “C”. Don’t forget to pull out the letters and the back hump on the bear (I only say this because I almost forgot once).

  • Use transfer tape to put the red “C” on the outside glass. Some crafters choose to put it inside on the white, blue lined paper. It is your preference. I chose to cut the empty space in the “C” and add the bear to it.  I felt more confident when placing it on the glass but again, you can do it how you would like.

  • Line up the blue bear and press him down in the blank spot inside the Red “C”. You will get bubbles in the bear. Just push them out to the gaps. It’s okay.

Cubs World Series DIY Frame

  • And there you go! You have a great beautiful gift to give to the Cub’s fan in your life!

Cubs World Series DIY Frame


Cost of Materials: $5

  • Vinyl: +/- $2
  • Document Frame: $3
  • White Paper, Blue Pen: (Hopefully) Free!


Average Time:

  • About 30 minutes from start to finish for one. If you complete multiple you can set up an assembly line and get one done in 20 minutes on average.


Final Thoughts:

  • I hope that you enjoyed this Cubs World Series DIY Frame and can have an awesome birthday or Valentine’s gift for someone you love. If you finish your project, please take a picture and share it with me on Facebook or email it to me at I would LOVE to see what you made and you have the possibility of being featured on Pinterest and/or Facebook!


Happy Thrifting!

P.S. this post contains affiliate links.  This does not increase the price for you, but I will make a commission off the price if you choose to buy.  I do not recommend something if I personally have not used it.