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I decided while standing in Hobby Lobby that I wanted to make ornaments. Maybe you have also done that? Just me? Okay… good I was worried I was the only one to make that impulse buy. That is how I ended up a month later looking at blank ornaments and white snow I also impulsively purchased. I decided that there was no point in holding on to them for a year so that is how the DIY Personalized Holiday Ornament came about. I am sure you have seen them all over Pinterest.

Around Christmas time my news feed is FILLED with these ornaments. I wanted mine to look professional but personal. In years past, I bought personalized ornaments before and though the gift recipient loves it, this is something that in two months I would have forgotten what gift I gave them.  I wanted it to be personal for myself too. So follow along and I will give you all the steps to create a personal AND personalized ornament for gift giving. As always, you can either purchase the sticker itself through my shop or you can purchase the cut file and make it yourself. I won’t even be offended if you don’t buy from here and instead get a sticker at your local craft shop! It is what I would do!

Give a gift that counts and surprise them with a DIY Holiday Ornaments that you made yourself!


1. Empty Ornaments

2. Fake Snow to put in it.

3. Red beads of some sort.

I bought REALLY cheap garland at a thrift store and cut off the red beads from that.

Thrift Store purchase to DIY holiday ornaments

4. A sticker for the outside.

Remember the options: Buy the sticker from me, the cut file from here, or a sticker from a craft store (I searched on Amazon but I cannot find decals anywhere. If you find one please send me the link so I can share!).

5. Live (or fake) tree cuttings.

If you buy live, I would suggest spray-painting them dark green or else they will brown.

Tree Cuttings to DIY holiday ornaments


  1. First you will put the snow into the ornament. I did not have a clean workspace and ended up making a mess. However, it will benefit you, since I realized a faster way of working on this. If you have confetti as I did, it is easier to dump it in your hand and feed it into the top of the ornament. If you purchased fake crafting snow, you can probably do the same but be prepared for a mess. You will have to vacuum or sweep.

Dumped Snow for DIY holiday ornament

2. Next, you will add the red beads to the ornament. As I previously stated, I cut them off garland that I got for 50 cents at a thrift store. I put three in each and it seemed to give it the right pop of color.

Red Garland for DIY Holiday Ornaments


3. Then, you can add the greenery. I cut little branches off my tree and spray painted them green to keep them from going brown. What I did not anticipate is that it was -5 degrees here in the Midwest and spray paint will not dry in the cold garage. I had to bring them in to dry and then my cat decided to play with them.

4. Take your sticker and add it to the ornament. You should be careful since it is a round object and your sticker is designed for a flat object. You may have to cut the sticker in sections (NOT through any of the actual objects, just around the objects) and put it on in those sections. I had an issue with my nativity scene so I changed the file to allow it to go on an ornament. The sticker that you can purchase is not the one in the pictures (trust me… that’s a good thing).

Selling Price:

I wanted to include what you could sell for these since I know some of you are making them for holiday craft shows.  If you are, total – the material can cost anywhere from $5 – $10 depending on what you are putting inside and outside.  Do NOT undersell yourself.  Many people have different ways of calculating.  My process is to double what I put into it.  I do not pay myself a wage. Instead I take the money for my wage from the profits.  I know some get upset but this is how I sell mine.  If it cost me $5 to make –  material only – then I would double it for $10 a piece.

If you put $10 into it, I would sell it for $20.  I would also try to figure out how to cut costs (such as buying cheaper vinyl or buying the knick-knacks from a thrift store).  This will allow you to play with the market to see what people are buying them for.  Definitely stress that it is homemade, hand-designed AND personal, which does add to the cost.  You will not be selling these for Wal-Mart prices and your customers need to know that.

Final Thoughts:

Enjoy your nice creation! Give it as a gift but don’t forget to make one for yourself! Why shouldn’t you get to enjoy your own handiwork?   If you would do me a BIG favor this holiday season and be sure to pin and share this!  How are others to know if word doesn’t get around?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

P.S. this post contains affiliate links.  This does not increase the price for you, but I will make a commission off the price if you choose to buy.  I do not recommend something if I personally have not used it.