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Christmas time was fruitful here at the Gaura resident. I got everything I wanted and, hopefully, gave everything everyone else wanted. I come from a large family and had to be creative for gifts. Nevertheless, you luck out, since that means more thrifted finds for you to enjoy! So without further ado, 4 gifts you can find at a thrift store.

4 Meaningful Gifts at a Thrift Store


4 Gifts You Can Find at a Thrift Store:

1. Personal Gifts

  • I was lucky and found coasters that allowed you to put pictures inside them. They were selling for $2.99. My aunt is difficult to shop for and I knew that anything I bought her would go to waste, unless it was a personal gift. So this was just the ticket. I had left over photos from my wedding the year before which I was able to put inside the coasters. If you would like to make your own, check out CardStore’s blog on DIY Coasters. I want to try this for next year!

2. Goofy Gifts

  • What would a good Christmas be if it did not allow for silly gifts? I found an old Budweiser beer stein with horses prancing on the front. I gave this to my husband since he is a beer aficionado. What makes it goofy is that it is decorative so he cannot drink out of it, and Budweiser is not an expensive beer so for the aficionado it is the Wal-Mart of beer. Don’t worry I did buy him nicer gifts! But you can find many gifts at the thrift store, just check back often!

Meaningful Gifts You Can Find at a Thrift Store

3. Keepsake Gifts

  • Every Christmas, the thrift stores near me move over their entire inventory to Christmas décor. In my parent’s house, they have an old ceramic church that my mother painted. She is still alive (and I hope so for many more years!) so the chances of my house eventually getting this church are slim to none. However, when I stopped at the thrift store there were at least three ceramic churches for sale! What a find! I bought one for our first Christmas and gave it to my husband so that we can start our own tradition of this ceramic church. I hope one day I can pass on this church and make it a keepsake for my family. Even though I did not create it, it has meaning to me because it is based off my mothers.

Gifts You Can Find at a Thrift Store

4. Low Budget/High Value Gifts

  • I found a coffee mug that was very rustic looking at just seemed like it fit my dad. However, there was nothing on it. I needed to add something to his gifts since I did not have a lot of money to spend and he did not have many gifts from me.   The coffee mug was purchased and then I tried to figure out what I wanted to put on it. I thought about what my dad meant to me and I decided to put that on his mug. You can read all about his coffee mug at this blog post here. If you already know you want to make this you can purchase the cut file here or the decal here. I made him cry giving him such a meaningful gift. It did not cost me a lot but the fact that I made it and thought of him made him so happy. Though it was cheap, it had a lot of value. Meaningful Gifts You Can Find at a Thrift Store

Final Thoughts:

  • So there you have it – four gifts that you can purchase at a thrift store. Not all of them need to be DIY but all of them come from your heart (yes, even the goofy ones!). So next time you need to buy a gift for someone, go into the thrift store and think about what each gift would mean to the person. I’m sure you will find something spectacular.


Happy Thrifting!

P.S.  this post contains affiliate links.  This does not increase the price for you, but I will make a commission off the price if you choose to buy.  I do not recommend something if I personally have not used it.