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Thank you so much for checking out the directions on how to make your DIY project even better!  Below you will find directions on how to transfer decorative Decals to create DIY Masterpieces.  If you don’t have any decorative decals and do not know what I’m talking about, feel free to peruse Etsy for so many ways to DIY home decor.

Transfer Decorative Decals for DIY home decor

So let’s get right to it!

Directions on How to Transfer Decorative Decals

1) Clean the product

You want to make sure whatever you are going to put the decorative decal on is clean. If it’s not, your sticker will not stick.
For the most part glass cleaner such as Windex will do the job!  On the other hand, there are some products that the decorative decals have a hard time sticking to.  Make sure that the bumpy surfaces are free of grime or else it will be even harder.

2) Line up where you want to place the sticker

You don’t want to be scrambling after you already peeled off the backing with where you are going to place it. If it’s glass use a dry erase marker to pre-mark the lines. The dry erase marker will come right up.

3) Peel the transfer paper off

Grasp the corner of the transfer paper (the sticky side) and slowly peel it up so that the sticker comes with. However, if you miss the middle of the letter, place the transfer paper back down, firmly rub and peel it back up.

4) Place the sticker on the item from center outwards

When you have lightly laid it down, grab a credit card and scrap the design to make sure it’s firmly sealed.

5) Pull the transfer tape off. GO SLOWLY!!!

You are doing this in the same way that you peeled the sticker off the backing, but this time the sticker should stay with the product. However, if any of it is coming off with the transfer tape, lay it back down, scrape some more and pull. Sometimes designs don’t leave the transfer tape easily. this is fine. Just use your card or a nail to grip the sticker and pull the tape off. Once the tape is not pulling it anymore, the design should stick to your product.

6) Admire your finished product

See that wasn’t so hard! What a beautiful finished piece. If you want to watch the directions in action, there is a video below helping you out. Please ignore the goofs! One day I will re-film but for now enjoy the blunders!


Final Thoughts:

Hopefully you were able to put your decal onto a product.  Let me know down below if you have any questions and I will answer them, I promise!