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Hello everybody! How are you on this rainy afternoon?  Hopefully somewhere where there is not a cloud in sight! Now I’m singing, “I’ve got a beautiful life, not a cloud in sight so I guess I’m doing alright.”  Even though there are a lot of clouds in sight, sometimes Jo Dee Messina just gets me. But that brings me to windows (don’t ask me how it brings me to windows – it just does).  🙂  I need help to figure out how to DIY a window!

While shopping around good ole Pinterest for something to do with windows, I came across a few options.  I bought one that I want to do something with.   I cannot figure out how I want to restore this thrifted finds so I thought I would take a poll!  Seemed the best solution.

So here is where I need your help.  How would you update a window to make it new again?  Here are some options!


Option A: Making a Window a Mirror

Pottery Barn Inspired Mirror


Sarah M. Dorsey Designs created this beautiful mirror from an old window frame and glass using Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint.  I think it turned out lovely.  Only downside is I do not know where I would hang it in my farmhouse/rustic styled house.


Option B: Making a Window to the Outside


I know this one would make my husband happy.  He really likes maps.  No I mean REALLY likes maps.  I have found him in our room just pouring over old maps.  And anyways isn’t that what windows are?  We look out them to see the world.  Charming Zebra just brought the world into her living room.  I would not put the flags over the front, but I love the concept.

Nautical Cottage Blog had an interesting idea to find a map of a trip and stitch the route you took.


Option C: Making a Window a Backdrop

1.13.16 (1)

Who says the window needs to be the focus? Home By Ally put a wreath attached by burlap to be the center focus and the backdrop is the old window.  Bet you didn’t even notice the thermostat in the picture?  What a great idea to take the focus off the items that we have to have on the wall.


Option D: Making a Window Functional

1.13.16 (2)

April from House by Hoff shows that an old window does not need to be just decoration but can also be functional.  She gives it new life by making the window panes into a writable chalkboard.  My current window does not have enough panes to be a week long calendar but I definitely love the idea!


Option E: Making a Window a Picture Frame

1.13 (3)

The Hamby Home shows that a window doesn’t just have to look outside, but can also look within.  She did a great job making a picture into a photo frame.  I have also seen old windows where there is a different photo in each pane.  The way she created her photo frame definitely takes math which I always try to avoid.  She still did not like how it cut off her chin, so maybe I will just put a different photo into each pane?

Option F: UP TO YOU!

I need some ideas!! What should I do with my window?  There are so many more options out there so I only put together my favorites.  What other options have you seen?  Which ones are your favorites?  Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Thrifting!!!