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I found this great post from DIYPassion about how to clean thrift store furniture.  I think that it is one area we don’t really think about.  We are just going to be either staining or painting over it so what’s the point?  If you want to distress the wood or leave sections of it untouched (many people leave the sides and bottoms of dresser drawers untouched for example) then you will need to vigorously clean it first.  This is a step many people skip when restoring old wooden furniture and many times people may regret this.


Put it Into Practice:

Obviously not every piece of furniture you get will need to be cleaned up, but sometimes when you get that wooden furniture to your house you can find an odor you weren’t even aware was around.  Use their tips to clean thrift store furniture.  I just picked up a dry bar that I am going to make into a babies changing table.  I don’t plan for kids yet but when I’m ready, the house will be ready.  I cannot wait to fix it up but first I will be cleaning it!  Reveal to come later 🙂

When I bought my recent thrift store table I didn’t have to deal with the smell.  However, even if it would have had a smell, I painted it.  (Not to sound repetitive but reveal to come later).

Final Thoughts:

How about you all? What cleaning do you do to wood furniture and what do you avoid?  Let me know in the comment section!

Happy Thrifting!!