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Since this blog is new and under construction, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite thrift store finds.  Just wait until you see how beautiful everything becomes when at first you thought it was ugly.  Creating that perfect piece for your home from a thrift store just makes me happy!  Check out some of the best furniture revival’s around!

Furniture Revivals:

Let’s start by showing some of my favorite furniture masterpieces.  I will share in later posts some of my other favorite not-furniture finds.  Not everything needs paint but I seem to be drawn to those.  Enjoy!


Furniture Revivals of a pottery barn inspired media console

Look at this Pottery Barn inspired Lego collector (I mean media console!)

This DIY by Southern Revivals turned out magnificently.   Look at that distressing she did on the sides.  It is not to loud but just the right touch.  I love the drawer pulls and the baskets.   All of it came together so beautifully!


Furniture Revival of an industrial dresser

An industrial dresser from a not-so industrial age.

West Furniture Revival had an interesting idea.  Look at those furniture pulls!  Lauren painted words on the drawers to give it that industrial look that is becoming so popular. Then she made the drawer pulls out of rope and a hex nut.  So inventive!


Furniture Revival of an antique table

“You spin me right ROUND baby” is the perfect title for this perfect find!

Casey from the DIY Playbook shows that not every piece of wood furniture needs to be painted to be brought back to life.  A darker stain brought this antique into the modern era.


Final Thoughts:

Every house needs some awesome furniture and the best place to start is to make your own.  Buy thrifted furniture and give it new life.  Let me know in the comment section your favorite furniture find and how you brought it back to life!