Thrifted Homestead came into being in 2015.  I was trying to find a new kitchen table for our house.  My husband and I had just gotten married in October and we were trying to decorate our house cheaply.  I found end tables that I painted, a coffee table that I restained and many small projects to work on.  But months of searching I could not find a rectangle kitchen table.  I did not feel like I was asking for too much.  I knew I was going to fix it up and give it life again.  Every week I checked out three different thrift stores in the area.  None of them had kitchen tables.  Around Christmas time, none of them even had wood furniture since they tried to make room for all Christmas decorations.

I was getting annoyed.  I started to Google where I could find Furniture Thrift Stores.  A lot of regular thrift stores came up but I could find nothing for furniture. Finally I made a drive into Delavan Goodwill where I found the perfect Farmhouse kitchen table.  I bought it, put it in the back of my pickup truck and headed home.  On the way back I started wishing that there would be a thrift store that was just devoted to home items that just needed a little TLC.  Then came Thrifted Homestead.

My husband called me crazy but I knew this was a good idea.  I wanted a place for people to find their home items and give it the life it deserved.  There are so many broken pieces out there that needs love.  I hope to have a place for people to go.

Right now, we are just a website and my house.  Eventually I would like to create a storefront and even offer classes on how to fix up items (similar to Home Improvement Store classes).  I will even sell things like Chalk paint, stickers, paint remover, paint brushes, cleaning solution, etc.  First though I have to make sure this business will take off.  That’s where you come in. I scour around for the best deals and the best home decor but sometimes I miss things.  If you ever have tips for auctions, yard sales, barn sales, etc.  Please let me know!

I look around for items that need a little sprucing up. These items were once treasured but are not any longer. Please shop around and let me know if you have any questions!